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Mirrorpixel Prototype (2007) Mirrorpixel Prototype (2007) Mirrorpixel Prototype (2007) Mirrorpixel Prototype (2007)

By Raph

On 03, Jul 2007 | In | By Raph

Mirrorpixel Prototype (2007)

I developed the Mirror-Pixel Prototype together with my friend Jonas Burki within the scope of the SUN-D Project. 49 mirrors act as pixels and project direct sunlight to any kind of surface. Each mirror flaps up and down powered by a solenoid (electro magnet) and switches the individual pixel in the projection on and off. The goal of this concept was to build modular projection units which could be coupled and the display then extended vertically or horizontally.

Although the projected 49 pixels dancing on the projection-surface unveiled very unique and expressive aesthetics, we did take the development of the prototype further, because the more pixels you need for the display the more power is required to operate the solenoids. Increasing the display resolution would also boost power consumption. Instead we developed and finalised the SUN-D Plexipixel prototype, which was well received at the 2007 Ars Electronica Festival.

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