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Plexipixel Prototype (2007) Plexipixel Prototype (2007) Plexipixel Prototype (2007) Plexipixel Prototype (2007)

By Raph

On 09, Sep 2007 | In | By Raph

Plexipixel Prototype (2007)

No LED’s: a new kind of screen, which intentionally reflects and incorporates the natural variations of given light situations. Prototype exhibited at the 2007 Ars Electronica Festival.

With project partner Jonas Burki I explored a variety of models for displays based on sunlight. For our opto-mechanical constructions, we used familiar materials and methods that enable viewers to grasp how these displays function. Hence, our project’s ingenuity was not seen in how it develops or uses complicated technologies, but in how it intelligently combines simple physical phenomena with mechanical approaches to solving a problem.

Normally, sunlight is the natural enemy of displays that work with some sort of illuminant. Our project SUN-D exploits this inherent weakness and, in keeping with its basic concept, explores potential uses of this free and inexhaustible light source. The project’s objective to use (sun)light and shade as a medium of expression carries on a tradition that goes far back into (art) history. SUN-D is no longer a project, Jonas is now managing it as an awarded startup venture. Read more on the SUN-D website.

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