Carrotmob TV coverage on Swiss TV, 07.08.2009

In August 09 I’ve initiated and organised the first Carrotmob in Switzerland. Carrotmobbing is a form of consumer activism, in which businesses compete at how socially and environmentally responsible they can be. Through social media we established a network of consumers in the Basel area that spends money to support whichever business makes the strongest offer about how much they will invest in improving their environmental footprint. Our mob utilised consumer power to make it possible for the most environmentally and socially responsible business practices to also be the most profitable choices. A Carrotmob is the opposite action of a boycott.

40% less electricity, 20% more light

During our event in Basel, the corner shop “Alban Market” agreed to invest 50% of the daily revenue in upgrades that made their store more energy-efficient. In exchange, roughly 400 of carrot mobbers (=additional customers) gathered and did their grocery shopping there. The total turnover of the day was 7’028.- Swiss Francs (about USD 6,500). The mob’s turnover of CHF 3514.- was invested in new lighting which now uses 40% less electricity and provides 20% more light. With the US background that Carrotmob has, this one turned out to be very Swiss: less show and entertainment but a Carrotmob that counts in terms of the Swiss Franc.

More information on the Carrotmob campaign website